Grading homework – better than doing it

Well, I’ve finally updated this blog and I can tell you it probably wasn’t worth the wait. My time has been consumed by teaching, learning Chinese and designing the school’s new website. Check it out at I’m quite proud of it (though I’m sure the code is amateurish) but it has meant that this blog has been neglected. (15 Jan 09 – has since been disbanded!)

I have spent the evening marking my student’s homework. I always appreciated the teachers take marked my homework promptly and gave me good feedback so I try to do the same for my students. Sitting on the other side of the desk has given me a greater appreciation of how utterly boring this is. Actually, I don’t sit behind a desk during my lessons because I normally stand. All my students scored As, so I must be doing something right as a teacher.

My student’s homework

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