Comparatives of Western and Eastern Cultural Thought

I’ve been planning my lessons this evening. I wanted to do a discussion about the differences between Western and Chinese culture with my students. Google did not provide a straightforward answer – I found a mixture of tourist web sites, angry message board posts and even an academic paper.  Finally, I found a blog post with simple diagrams of the differences between Westerners and Chinese here. According to the blog post the pictures were done by a Chinese student called Liu Young who was  born in China and educated in Germany.

Cultural differences have always affected my life. I was raised by thoroughly Chinese parents but hold strong British values. Now I am living in China: working in a school with Koreans; socialising with a predominantly-American English department; encountering confused Chinese locals (my Chinese is still not good); and living with a Polish house-mate. Where does it end?

For a long time I suffered from a perpetual Anglo-Sino identity crisis. Nowadays I am settled with who I am. But I still get annoyed at Chinese people jumping ahead of my in the queue at McDonald’s. Some things never change.

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  • christina says:

    It’s very brave of u to take the time off and throw urself in a completely different environment. i always wanted to do the same thing but still end up struggling to get a job in the city. i wish i could hav half of ur courage..enjoy the rest of ur hols and hope to see u again soon, wherever in london/shanghai/LIVERPOOL??!! hehe..

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