Danish Days

I’m riding the train on the way home to Britain after a 4-day holiday in Denmark. I stayed with Anne and Mads, my recently married friends. I enjoyed Anne’s well cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

I got to experience normal Danish life rather than the superficial tourist pleasures. I concluded that British and Danish culture are very similar, except for a few nuances:

  1. Toilet paper is hung the other way round.
  2. There are wind turbines everywhere.

The whole country is in a euphoric mood after the men won the European Handball Championships. The handball team had an audience with the crown prince and the buses have Danish flags hanging off them.

Victorious Danish Handball Team

I was invited to give a short 45-minute presentation with Anne about Chinese culture in her 9th grade class. A few students were interested in my moans about the queues in China. But I wonder if I place too much emphasis on cultural differences at the expense of finding out the common ground?

The next blog post will be about the cultural differences between Britons with light hair and Chinese with dark hair.

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