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I was privileged to be able to stay in Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge for a few days. I managed to attend some Christian Union events, a formal dinner and an Ecumenical Society meeting. I perfected my long-winded explanation of how I have nothing whatsoever to do with Cambridge.

Cambridge student: So James, which college are you from? James: Well, …

This has similarities with my explanation to the Chinese of why I can’t speak the language.

Local Chinese person: You don’t speak Chinese, where on Earth are you from?
James: Well, …)

I have gotten used to not fitting in anywhere.

Student clique-ness is taken to the next level in Cambridge. The students will admit that much. But that is not surprising when you consider that massive work-load, academic rigours and the tradition of the place.

I revisited Pembroke College, where I applied to read economics 5 years ago. It is still as beautiful as I remember. I considered what life would have been life if I had passed the interview.

Pembroke College, Cambridge

In short, I would have really disliked studying here. I didn’t have the brain-power or will for it. I did immensely like living in Nottingham. I usually only studied for the scheduled 10-hours a week, so lots of time to do other things.

So I saw a few friends, enjoyed the view of Kings College, become grateful for my Nottingham University experience and realised that I never ever want to be a student again.

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