James hasn’t enough time on Fridays.

Does the title sound strange to you? This is not an IQ test, since there is nothing grammatically wrong with it. Actually, this is an example of a change in style English over the last few years. You might feel more comfortable if the sentence was corrected to:

James hasn’t got enough time on Fridays.


James doesn’t have enough time on Fridays.

The words in bold act as auxiliary (“helping”) verbs. They don’t change the meaning of the sentence but are probably necessary to use nowadays. However, no-one told the writers of the English textbooks that are used in China, so my students continue to make this style-mistake. And a market is created for native English teachers. Yay.

Actually the reason I wrote this sentence is that Fridays have become my busiest day this term. I begin with teachers’ meeting in the morning, followed by lesson planning in the afternoon then I teach my class in the evening. After more than 12 hours at the school, I still have to plan for tomorrow’s lesson and do my Chinese homework. Instead of getting on with it I chose to moan on my blog.

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  • Faith says:

    Hello,James!This is the first time I leave a message on your blog,but it is certainly not the first time I read it.I like this way to know what’s happening in your life.
    I can totally understand your feeling about teaching.Right now I’m a Chinses teacher.And teachig is just so so so undescriable!!

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