Da Ji – The School Dog

This is Da Ji. Her name means “big luck”. She is a small Pekinese-like dog with a talent in begging for food. I always refuse these requests, so she retaliates with crazy barking when I enter the school.

Da Ji The School Dog

Once, someone tried to clean her coat but it rained heavily the next day. However, she did lose a fight against a large black dog a few months ago. Stitches and bed-rest followed. She tried her luck again a few weeks ago (and lost).

Maybe we should change her name to “Not Da Ji”, however, I do not have that power, since, due to a complicated tax dodge, she is the legal owner of the school.

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2 Responses

  • Hahaha! Legal owner of school…

  • Jotham says:

    Man…sometime i wonder why am I still in England while all that much is happening in Tianjin! Dude, I m serious. It s well boring just seat there all day listening to music and drinking coffee between lectures at Uni. Also u get roughly a month holiday every 3 and half month u “worked”. And u get “paid” by student loan companies and the goverment. No wonder everyone want to go to uni to chill out! It may sounds great. But it is a waste of time…

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