The Tianjinese Nouveaux Rich

I’m proud to be living in an area where there are local Chinese people and few other foreigners. I hear the local babble, which is still incomprehensible to me. I breathe in the authentic smells of street food, smelly tofu and precious heavy metals.

Nanjing Lu building When I want to breathe more rarefied air I take a trip to the South of the city. Nanjing Lu is a favourite of mine because I can see where China is heading in the future.

The pace of development is lightning quick. The old buildings, shops and markets are being mercilessly torn down. In their place will come luxury apartments and shops.

What you see on the left will become prime real estate, like the Kensington and Chelsea of London. Buy now while you can.

Nanjing Lu Zara Now, within 5 minutes walk of this area are: 3 Starbucks, a Pizza Hut, a Rolex shop, a Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar, a TGI Friday’s restaurant that is under construction and a Zara designer clothes shop that has just opened last week.

This blog entry has another discussion on China’s nouveaux rich.

This is where Tianjin’s nouveau rich are coming out to play and they are playing in increasing numbers.

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3 Responses

  • Jotham says:

    it s amazing, isn’t it? How can all these things fit together and i wonder how many people r struggling to live their life while others spending thousands on entertainments and other riches. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity… solomon has well said.

  • AJ says:

    What you see on the left stood as unfinished concrete skeletons for a decade. With the concrete having been exposed to the elements for such a long time, buy at your peril.

  • Eidolon says:

    As a chinese, I see many young people around.
    They worship money.
    They are egocentric.
    They become loose with family.
    They are western culture mania.
    I won’t say it is all bad abt Economic boost, but it certainly causes problems when non-material construction lags behind Economy.
    I am still confident with this country, it is making progress,and I am willing to contribute.
    Most adults are willing to bind the tie with parents.
    Many people I know choose truth and wisdom over money.
    More importantly, more and more chinese people are aware of the situation.

    Good Blog James

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