Crazy Tianjin Road building

Rome wasn’t built in a day but Tianjin is trying its best to re-pave all its road and pavements (sidewalks) before the Olympics.

For months the locals have had to put up with bumpy dirt roads, which kick up a tremendous amount of yellow dust when a bus passes over them. Then they became bumpy mud paths as Tianjin experienced an unusually high amount of rain. There are large potholes in the middle of the road guarded by a solitary traffic cone. The British Health and Safety Executive would have several heart attacks upon seeing them. But they make for more interesting taxi rides (and more painful bike rides).

Road BuildingHowever, we are now starting to see the results. The re-laid paving stones have a satisfying straightness and regularity.

The new tarmac (asphalt) is finally going down too. In the space of one day the main road outside my home had been finished. I could still feel the heat from the tarmac as I took this picture.

By contrast it took Liverpool City Council more than a year to do the same thing on Berry Street, a 400 metre stretch of road.

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