The Gathering Storm

Storm at the school

OK, it’s been ages since my last blog post. I apologise to you. My time has been spent writing my school’s new website. I’ve come to realise that my life is not so interesting and there are many more informative blogs about expat life in China. The only hope I have to distinguish myself is to write with correct grammer and adequate spelling.

It’s been raining an abnormal amount in Tianjin. Last year, there was a storm every week but nowadays it rains every other day. The title of the blog post actually reflects my departure from Tianjin in less than a week’s time. I know I will miss this Tianjin and I’m anticipating “Reverse Culture Shock” (RCS) when I return to Britain. The proximity of my leaving has meant that I’ve refused to buy an umbrella. I’d rather buy an expensive Chinese-imported umbrella in England than the same umbrella in China.

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