6 weeks of blog posts compressed

I apologise for the lack of blog updating. I’ve had a combination of apathy and blogaphy. Here is a two minute update on my life in the past 5 weeks.

  • Monday July 14th – Arrive back in the UK in a daze.
  • Week 1 – Open my mail. Check through my bank statements. Spend hours in front of a spreadsheet to find that I have not much money. Catch up with friends. Find out that my badminton level has stayed the same – bad to OK.
  • Week 2 – Paris! Holiday for a week with my family. Highly recommended.
  • Week 3 – Catch an infection in my lower left leg. I lie down for a week and sleep a lot.
  • Week 4 – Go back to work at my old workplace. Lots of filing and typing. Enjoy the British summer – no mosquitoes, no scorching heat and daily rain.
  • Week 5 – Realise that I am moving to London soon to start a new job. Panic buy lots of distasteful shirts. Mum points out that I don’t own any double duvets, duvet covers or sheets. I find out they cost a fortune in Britain, despite just being cotton sheets sewn together.I go to Liverpool Frontline Church for the last time.
  • Week 6 – I get sick of shopping and resign myself to being badly dressed. The office buys cheesecake to commemorate my leaving.

Life is good, though not so dangerously exciting as China.

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  • Margaret says:

    Hi James,

    I happened upon your website because I was doing some research for my sister in law who just got accepted to teach in China. Very interesting because she is also chinese but born in Canada and actually knows no chinese. Do you have any advice for her seeing as how you just came back from Tianjin. She is also going there but next week! I’m scared for her, telling her that China is a dangerous place. But she wants to go, she even quit her Starbucks job. Have you even heard of this school – Yinghua-Bond International College? I can’t find info on it on the web. I’m convinced it’s a sweatshop school… Any tips would be great.. Awesome blog btw.


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