Moving to London (and Leaving Liverpool)

OK, my time in Liverpool has ended, save the occasional weekend trip and Christmas. Even when I was at Nottingham university, 22 weeks of the year were spent in Liverpool. I have left behind:

  1. Liverpool One – A new shopping development that opened during the time I was in China. It looks good but I have heard complaints that it takes too much walking to do your shopping. After three weeks of fruitlessly exploring every shop to find brown shoes that I liked, I would agree with that view.Liverpool One
  2. The Polish food store – Also opened in the time I was gone. I’ve only seen it once and I didn’t go inside.Polish_store
  3. The Chinese Badminton Club – I came here every Friday night that I could make for 7 years. I really loved coming here. A place for Mainland Chinese, BBCs and Brits to come together and play badminton. If you want to join, go to Garston Sports Centre on a Friday from 8pm to 10pm. Bring money.Liverpool_Badminton_Club

But after a four hour journey with a car’s worth of my possessions, I have moved to London. I am still far far away from Scouseland.

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  • Andrewicus Optimus the Thirds says:

    We want more! Wheres the updates! The internet community revolts

    You should spend less time working and more time blogging

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