At the minute…

Again, apologies for my late blog, especially to my good friend Andrew, one of my (few) regular readers. In my defence, I am still waiting for his blog to be set up. Actually, it is a weak defence. I saved my first draft of this blog post on 22nd August, which is over a month ago. I’ll write about what I’ve been up to in a month’s time.

My stint as an English teacher had made me more self-conscious about my spelling and grammar. I’ve also noticed how the English language has changed during my 18 months in China. Obviously, there are new words such as:

  • Credit crunch
  • Sub-prime
  • Collateralized debt obligation
  • iPhone
  • Macrogolisation – the realisation of some old truths about money:
    • cannot keep borrowing it forever
    • it does not grow on trees
    • people do want it back

OK, the list is not comprehensive and says a lot more about my interests. Plus I made the last one up after looking up the ingredients for the moisturiser I use.

The phrase that I have thought about the most is “at the minute”. When I first heard it I thought it sounded completely incorrect, yet, it seems (and probably is) grammatically sound.

Which wordsmith first came up with this phrase?

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3 Responses

  • KXY says:

    I am one of your regular readers,too.(^_^)

  • steve and kleanthy says:

    you had me going there on that last definition. If you didnt say anything I would have totally believed you. Not coming from a financial background all those terms sound the same to me. It would be interesting to do a word search on all the terms ending in ‘isation’. adding this always seems to add credibility and believeability doesnt it?

  • Indeed. On a side point, English is probably the language that most readily accepts new additions. Macrogolisation might become a new word in 10 years time. (I hope not).

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