A Historic Moment – My Sink Is Slightly Blocked

I stayed up until 3am (GMT) to watch the American election unfold. When Ohio was declared for Obama, I knew it was effectively over. I then got 4 hours of sleep and got up for work. Perhaps it was a mistake in retrospect.

The election has been foremost in the British public’s interest for the past few months – apart from the minor economic setbacks. It might seem strange to the Americans, but this election will probably have a greater effect on Britain than the next British election. There is a lot of expectation on Obama’s president and it would be easy for him to disappoint. Exciting times and a historic moment.

But for now, my main concern is that my bathroom sink is slightly blocked and I don’t own a plunger. If anyone can buy me one, or email instructions on how to make one from accounting textbooks, then I would be extremely happy.

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