Exams passed

I passed my exams. All I have is a feeling of relief. I don’t have to re-take the exams. I don’t have to pay for the resit and use up holiday time. My job is safe (safer?) for a few more months. It’s not like a school exam where you aim for a good mark and to beat your peers. Passing is more than enough. I just have to repeat the process 11 more times.

I’ve finally managed to put up a banner on the site. I was meant to do in when I was in China, and it would have had more meaning then, but it still works for London-life. I would still call Liverpool “home”. Sometime in the future, I will regard London as my home, but not just yet.

I’m planning to do a month-by-month review of the year. Given my rate of blogging, it could take a while.

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