Planning Free Time

The light bulb in my room has burnt out so I am writing this in the dark. I don’t have time to buy a new one.

Actually, I do have time to buy a new one: I just have to be organised enough to buy it one the way home in the local shop. I effectively plan my time when I work – otherwise my brain gets paralysed trying to prioritise what is important. I do battle with a combination of calendars, to-do lists, post-it notes, flagging important emails in Outlook and an accurately calibrated clock.

I’m trying to get into a routine of sitting down for an hour on Sunday and planning my free time. Yes, I am that boring. Here’s a list of stuff I think about:

  • Work commitments
  • Study plans
  • What I plan to eat
  • When to go to the gym
  • Church commitments
  • What I want to read
  • Who needs to be emailed
  • When to blog (getting less and less frequent!)
  • Fun (probably need more of this)
  • Seeing friends (and meeting enemies)

I haven’t planned a time to buy a light bulb yet.

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