August – The wait is over

My thoughts turned to the start of my job in London. There were forms to fill out. I had to prove that I wasn’t an illegal immigrant. I wrote large cheques to my landlord and estate agent. I get a comfortable and well furnished apartment for my money. Heating and electric problems would be a thing of the past.

I bought a new guitar, which destroyed my budget plans for the whole year. Turns out that a new guitar doesn’t make you a better player.

Beijing Olympics

They say that the Olympics marks the coming-of-age of China as a key global player. I reacted by returning back to the UK and working during the opening ceremony. My excuse is that I don’t need to hang around in Tianjin for the games because they will be coming to London for 2012. A mistake perhaps?

First Day at Work

As I walked into the training room on my first day a lot was on my mind. Who would be in my department, making a good first impression, who my friends would be and if I would fit in. It was like the first day of school again. I worked out that I got my job offer about 35 months ago. I had waited almost 3 years. I needed that time to step off the treadmill of the typical career path (school to university to work to retirement). It was difficult to climb back on.

I could never explain to anyone what an auditor actually does. Now was the time to find out. Auditors have a distinct culture with a focus on the ceremonial counting and re-counting of beans. They speak their own specialised language. You will be shunned from audit society until you learn how to use 4 different colour of pen in everyday situations. I learnt all this on the first day.

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