January – The Intermission

January is the month for fresh beginnings in the Western Calendar. It was more like an intermission for me. I tell people that I spent 18 months in China, but it was really three 6-month stints with a month in the UK sandwiched in between. January was equally split between the end of term in China:

Graduation with students

This was followed by two action packed weeks in the UK and Denmark. I was already thinking about my future London-life. Wai forewarns me about the hard life of the accountant. I also have dinner with Charles, an good friend from university. We provisionally agree to tentatively look for an apartment together in September. In the end, the tentative agreement becomes a legally binding contract. I come to realise that flat-hunting is not really possible from China and I let Charles do all the leg-work.

I enjoy my time back home but I am already counting the days left in China.

Economic forecast

Just a minor hiccup on the road to everlasting prosperity and happiness. Rising house prices for all. Actually, The Economist reports that forecasted growth for the US, Eurozone and UK are 1.8%, 1.8% and 1.9% respectively.

World event that James ignores

Obama beats someone called Clinton in a minor election in a small North American nation. I don’t expect that there will be any repercussions anytime soon.

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