October – Honest Day’s Work

2008_10_01 CSR Day_064 The stress really kicked in October. But I started in the Kensington Day centre on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) day. We were asked to re-paint the main rooms. Being one of the shorter auditors, I take one of only two ladders for personal use.

This was followed by bowling, where I talked a big game and ended up scoring 40. The new joiners sang a beautiful rendition of Take That’s "Back for Good". Never again.

I revise like crazy for my first two accountancy exams. Then I flee back to Liverpool for a short break before I start my first engagement.

The Client

Auditors don’t like being in the office. They prefer to go where the action is – straight to the client. I was assigned to my first client after the exams were over. It was difficult -  high stress, long hours I was never 100% about what I was doing. However, the team were good fun and I got through it. Job done (yes, I will use a cliche here).

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