September – Money for nothing

I completed my first month of work without any acts of gross incompetence and wondered what I did to deserve my first paycheque. The first two weeks were spent in college learning about accountancy and audit. I lose track of what’s going on and I don’t recover until a minute before the exams were taken (a month later). Debits and credits really are like a language. But once it is understood there is a satisfaction in using it correctly. I convert my personal finance tracking to use double entry.

Then The Firm send us to Athens to meet up with other new joiners for a training conference.  There’s time for sight-seeing in between learning about audit.

2008_09_15 KPMG in Athens_014


The new joiners don’t realise how important they are until they leave the country and the financial world collapses. Lehman Brothers disappears. AIG tries to follow but gets rescued. The stock markets nose-dive. Crazy stuff.

Then there are two uneventful weeks in the office doing odd jobs. Some more stuff happens in the financial world but it’s not worth writing about.

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