Sleep Challenge Update

Andrew and I are halfway through the sleep challenge. There have been ups (more time in the morning) and downs (feeling like a zombie for 10 long hard minutes).

It’s been refined to include the following:

  • Totals – now’s it’s more like a team challenge. This encourages mutual motivation.
  • A target – something to aim for
  • Rewards  – something to look forward to
  • Punishment – something to fear

If anyone has any ideas for better punishments, please leave a comment below.

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One Response

  • Sam says:

    Awesome challenge boys!

    How do you co-ordinate and organise the results? Do you both have wi-fi alarm clocks which update the spreadsheet live? I bet you do!

    My trouble is deliberately setting the alarm early and then allowing myself time to sleep in, but then still getting up late anyway! I think I’ll join in as of tomorrow… except I don’t have a wi-fi alarm clock. Any ideas?

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