There is only one link between a photo that I took of Prague two years ago and an apparent misspelling of "America" – Franz Kafka. I could provide you a link to his Wikipedia page, but it’s getting late, so I expect you to Google it yourself (and I’m sure "to google" has entered the Oxford English dictionary).

I have nothing worth writing about, so I’ve resorted to writing GCSE-style book reviews. I’ve been trying to do something more productive than read the free newspapers during my daily commute. I used to be a proud Times reader when I was a student. Back then, it only cost 20p and I had spare hours every day to complete the crossword and Su Doku(s). Now we are in a recession and my free time is spent auditing and writing pointless blog posts.

I discovered Kafka in a very literal sense when I walked past his statue in a Prague museum. Then I bought his book. That brings me back to today. I’m substituting fiction for free newspapers but I feel that I should finish reading all the books that I already own.  One of these books is Franz Kafka’s America.

The Review

Karl Rossman emigrates to America after being kicked out by his parents for sleeping with the servant and, after defending the honour of the stoker, meets (unknown to Karl at the time) his uncle, who is a senator and guides Karl on his first tenative steps in America, however, he is under his uncle’s authority, though it is only an ostensible authority and not an actual one, and gets kicked out again after disobeying it, Karl wanders from job to job while always falling under new authority figures and never actually escapes, and never settles into a career, eventually, he joins the Oklahoma Theatre but a promising start under his uncle has turned into a random and nightmarish wandering through life – pointless.

If you had bothered to read Kafka’s Wikipedia page then you would have know that he writes in very long sentences with the punchline at the end. 

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