Danish Invasion

My Danish friends came to visit me last weekend. It was exciting because I hadn’t seen them for over a year.

Some highlights


  • The railcard system is ridiculously complicated because Oyster Pay-As-You Go does not work on the Mainline trains South of the River Thames.
  • Transport for 2 Danes for 4 days ended up costing over a hundred pounds.
  • Half the Underground lines were closed for engineering works. It turns out that constantly changing trains is quite exhausting.
  • Bank station shows that you can change from the Central Line to the DLR (Docklands Light Railway). It’s actually a good 10 minute walk.

Exchange Rate
The Danish Kroner is killing poor Pound Sterling.

Free = Fantastic.
I really enjoyed the old classics at the National Art Gallery and the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum.

They wanted to visit Starbucks because they don’t have them in Denmark. We passed over 30 in three days.

Greenwich Park
Magnificent views. Really steep hills. The novelty of standing between East and West. Deer.

Me with Danish friends in Greenwich

Me with Danish friends in Greenwich

As my friends left, they planted a Danish flag and proclaimed sovereignty over this bankrupt nation.

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