On Wednesday I dragged myself to Home Church feeling sorry for myself. I was so pre-occupied in my thoughts that I had missed my stop.

A couple of weeks ago out church sent a small group out to Rwanda to support Stephen. Stephen was an orphan victim from the Rwandan genocide. He now runs a church and various other projects for the orphans and widows. I can’t do his story any justice at all, so I will refer you to his website.

Abigail talked about her time in Rwanda. It had profoundly affected her and she talked about it for two gripping hours. It was horrible. It put my problems firmly into perspective

What got my was the story about the women who worked for two weeks to produce a sewn pot that creates a profit of £2.

  • That barely covers a coffee and a newspaper in Britain.
  • In audit £1000 is de minimis, which means that it is so trivial that it is not worth caring about.
  • Poverty is defined as an annual income below £5,842 (for a single adult in the UK).
  • Trillion dollar bailout for banks are the norm.

We can’t forget the hope. Stephen is doing tremendous work:

Rwandan Kids

Rwandan Kids

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