It was an uneventful week, and that’s despite the G20 protests in London. It was built up as a day of anarchy but ended up as hype about nothing. I was concerned but, fortunately, I wasn’t working in London on that day.

I’m focusing too much on the violence rather than the message behind the protests. I saw a map of potential targets that was intended for the protesters but got emailed to me. It was strange to see my firm highlighted on the map, not because it was unexpected but because I realised that I was on the other side. The G20 protesters were marching against capitalism, which includes me as well.

I’m unrepentant about being a "capitalist". I do believe that there is no better system. I also believe it is the fault of greedy individuals, rather than the system, who should be held accountable.  Unfortunately, greed is a natural human law, which is why we need law and regulations. In that respect, I do sympathise with the protesters. 

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