Lovely Bath

Another away job for me this week. I got to go to Bath this time. It’s a beautiful city and I got to see a lot of it on my two runs.  Graham is intent on winning the £50 so I had to take my running shoes and go running up (and down) Bath’s hills. Annoyingly, I had forgotten my iPod in the rush to leave on Monday morning, only for the train to be cancelled anyway. I have already applied for compensation.

Liverpool Football Club

This season is the closest that Liverpool have come to winning the league that I can remember. It has been a great season – plenty of goals and insane comebacks. But the hope of a league title died in a pub in Bath on Tuesday night. A great game, eight goals, but a 4-4 draw wasn’t the result that we needed.I had dared to hope in the past month, but I was disappointed again. There’s still a mathematical possibility, but I don’t want to hope again.

I’ll have to go back my dream of audit tests that pass and numbers that add.

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