I’m comfortable being a geek (and wearing the thick glasses to prove it). I immerse myself in technology. I admit that I do depend on the Internet a lot.

I’m currently got two laptops set up side-by-side. One is used for watching the re-run of the Chinese Grand Prix. The other is used for email and writing this blog. My phone and my (sister’s) pink iPod is not too far away. I’ve spent the weekend setting up a beta version of the Windows 7 operating system. I now have three operating systems on one computer. I’ve also set up Twitter. I don’t usually follow the latest fads – except for technology.


I’m a slave to the Google corporate machine. I use the following services regularly:

  • Gmail – all my email and (nicely alphabetised) contacts are up here.
  • Calendar
  • Documents – used for the online spreadsheets for my challenges
  • Reader
  • Maps
  • and Google search – of course

Other tech stuff

  • Blog (obviously) – how much longer before I run out of stuff to write about? Not before any readers leave.
  • Facebook – I don’t use anymore, but contemplating rejoining
  • Twitter – I’ve not made up my mind about Twitter. Clever communication method or self-indulgent Generation Y crap?
  • Phone – still use a bog standard phone because I’m too stingy to pay for a smartphone
  • Windows XP – still better than Linux / Vista / Windows 7
  • Camera – none, both my previous cameras are still lost somewhere in China

Was life easier when I didn’t spend ages dealing with email every day?

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