In Defence of Chilli Chilli

I’ve been spending a hard earned week’s holiday back in Liverpool. I’ve rediscovered the art of being bored out of my brain, over-sleeping and late-night Rocky movies. Bliss.

I was shocked to discover that there had been a Chinese Triad knife fight at one of my favourite Chinese retaurants – Chilli Chilli.

Chilli Chilli Restaurant

Chilli Chilli Restaurant

It’s made national and international news. Some links:

The police wanted to shut down the restaurant. But that’s an irrational reaction.

  • Statistically speaking, the triads aren’t likely to do the same thing twice. The restaurant is now safer than ever.
  • A bouncer has been hired.
  • The restaurant still offers the most authentic SiChuan food in the North-West.
  • I’ll continue to go there and continue to invite my friends. I think I might be eating by myself.

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