My Ideal Desktop Setup

Ideal Desktop 

I spend close to 8 hours a day in front of a computer. 4 of those hours are in front of Excel spreadsheets. This is what my world looks like. This is my ideal desktop setup.

  1. Black desktop – Utilitarian, plain, simple and no distractions. The main reason for this is that Windows loads up 2 seconds faster. This saves 32.4 minutes over an average lifetime. Staring at such a boring and demoralising desktop takes 32.4 hours off your life expectancy.
  2. No crap on the desktop – Utilitarian, plain, simple. Desktop crap is distracting and unproductive. I keep a "current" folder off the desktop for that purpose.
  3. Lots of quicklaunch icons – One-click access to the 16 most-used programs/folders. That includes one-click shutdown. The seconds seem trivial, but it is also easier and less frustrating.
  4. The sidebar – The most striking feature of my desktop setup. When I’m working, I usually have 20+ windows open. I need to see them all at once. With a sidebar, I can see all the windows and select them easily. Also, there is plenty of horizontal space on today’s widescreen monitors, vertical space is at a premium*.

*Thanks to Andy Liu for this insight

I’m off to find a new hobby so I can write about something else.

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