Nokia E71

I’ve finally relented to self-induced peer pressure and bought myself a smartphone. I researched long and hard for the best phone and the best deal. I couldn’t afford an iPhone so I chose the Nokia E71 instead.

A note for the Phones4u salesmen/women/robot, don’t offer me a completely different phone when negotiating a deal. Although top marks for listening to the convoluted explanation of my requirements.

I’m trying to write the blog post from the phone itself on a fast, tilting train without the safety of the Firefox spell checker.


Some thoughts:

  • The phone has a pleasing form factor. The keyboard is easy to use. The side buttons are useless.
  • Mobile Facebook is as addictive as it sounds.
  • The organisational satisfaction of synchronising contacts and calendar to the cloud.
  • I’m now a social networking demon. Although it feels like I’ve sold out to someone.
  • I don’t have to carry around a bible anymore.
  • Could this be the end of my Moleskin diary?
  • It’s like an iPhone, but less cool and more geeky. Perfect.

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