The Exam Cycle Ends Only To Begin Again

Yesterday, I sat the taxation exam. I had spent about four weeks revising for it, which turned out to be 20 hours longer than necessary. I passed comfortably*. My plan-well-ahead-in-advance and think-of-a-number-and-double-it strategy hasn’t failed me yet. Though, it doesn’t leave much time for blogging, or running, or fun.

Fun stuff I did apart from revising:

  • Badminton

I picked it up again a finding a decent badminton court nearby. Believe me, South-East London is a badminton court desert. The only downside is the low ceiling with wide gaping holes where panels should be. I expect to lose one shuttlecock a week.

I haven’t lost any of my old skills. However, I range randomly from the sublime (running cross court smashes) to the incompetent (missing open courts and hitting my partner). Unfortunately, I still bias towards the latter. 

  • Weekend away with church group

Great fun (wasn’t auditing). Delicious (eating the girls’ food). Humiliating (getting told off by an old lady for hitting her car with a ball). Disturbing (there’s a pheasant-killer in the church). Illuminating (you can’t rugby tackle in rounders).

  • Ran a lot

I’m actually getting slower, but I still have my knees (unlike Graham {Graham is my running challenge [silly bet to run 100 miles (link)]competitor}).

So, 5 down and 10 to go. The next three are in September. The Exam Cycle Ends Only To Begin Again.

*Hoi Fung pointed out that I never mentioned if I passed or not. This is a late addition!

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