Long Hot Weekend

On second thoughts, the weekends are not long enough, which means I try and do too much. I end feeling totally unprepared for the week ahead. Subsequently, blog posts are delayed and have no coherence.

The weekend was beautifully hot, which was perfect for receiving two friends from my ex-life in Tianjin. So, instead of entertaining them, I reflected upon my time in Tianjin.

Life is a lot different now, but I still try to squeeze in too many activities in my free time. I used to teach English, learn Chinese, work on the website and try to get to church on time. Now, I’m run around Greenwich park, play badminton, update this website, overuse my Oyster Card and write long rambling emails. I occasionally go to work and I’m always late for church.

Do I miss anything about my life in China?:

  • The strong exchange rate – used to be 14 to 1 but that’s now gone
  • Friends – mostly gone. But most of them turn up in London to see me.
  • Teaching English – Audit is my true calling. That last sentence seemed strangely unsettling…
  • Learning Chinese – I do miss learning Chinese a lot. It’s the statisfying pen strokes of a Chinese character. Or it’s the repressed childhood guilt of not knowing enough Chinese. Either way.
  • Chinese food – I can cook this myself. I just have to live with the horrible taste

What I miss can never be re-lived, which seems like a sign that I should move on and live a life of audit.

On a completely unrelated topic, a big white ship came to my office near Canary Wharf carrying cheap Christian literature and pirates.

Logos Hope

Logos Hope

I told you it was unrelated.

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