I’m prone to losing cameras. I persistently forget to touch in/out my Oyster card. (This is London’s public transport doodad, and no, I’m not stealing).

I’m forgetful. So, I use a mantra that Mr A. Liu taught me: phone, wallet, keys – all the things that make me happy(ee).

However, a new mantra is needed for London life. The following are essential items:


  • Smartphone – preferably a Blackberry. It’s actually not for email, it’s a convenient excuse to avoid eye contact with other human beings.
  • Keys
  • Wallet – you’ll need to carry much more cash
  • Map – to navigate to the tube
  • Oyster card – to get on the tube
  • Water – to survive the tube
  • iPod – to survive the boredom of the tube
  • Vaseline – to stop your skin eroding while on the tube
  • Book – to stop rotting your brain while reading the free newspapers on the tube
  • Dignity Incapacitation Device (DiD)- leave dignity behind before entering a packed tube train

A new acronym is needed (and a larger bag). Remember this: MiSKVOWWB-DiD

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