Heathrow Rant

I’m currently sat on a very cramped Air Transat seat on the way to Toronto, Canada. By time you read this, I will be out of this horrible writing position.

  • I can’t rest the laptop on the tray because there is not enough room and the guy in front of me has fully reclined his seat.
  • I have to rest the laptop on my lap, but that means bending the screnn down at an unreadable angle, not that I would be able to see anything anyway because I’ve turned the contrast right down so that I can save some battery.
  • My left arm is jammed under the arm rest and my right is prodding my sister
  • My back hurts

This shows my dedication to writing random crap.

I have many other things to rant about:

  • Duty free is a great idea, except when you go on the internet and find out that it’s still much cheaper there anyway. The Panasonic FS7 camera can be bought for £130 from Dixons in Heathrow’s Terminal 2, and for £110 from digital-cameras.com.
  • They Ray Ban sunglasses that I did buy were £15 cheaper on the internet. However, it turns out that I have an exceptionally fat head, so I need to actually try on sunglasses before buying them. Also, I need my sister by my side when making fashion decisions because I have no concept of the geometric shapes that would suit my fat head.

I would complain about the flight, but they did show Star Trek, so I’m extremely happy enough.

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