Toronto Day 9 – One Less Fish In The Sea

I’ve progressed to the hard level on Rock Band. I love having all this free time.

In an attempt to understand my teenage cousins better, I watched the movie “Twilight” with them yesterday. It’s the typical generic romance between the awkward new girl in town and immortal vampire with pale skin. I don’t recommend it and I don’t understand my cousins any better. Fortunately, Rock Band bridges the generation gap.

I used my man-skills to catch a fish. Yes, I did cheat by going to a pre-stocked pond and paying the $5 entrance fee. The man-skill is knowing when to cheat.



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3 Responses

  • Claudia DeChellis says:

    Heyy James.
    C’mon, twilight has changed your life for the better. The characters are all so amazing and down to earth. It’s too bad that it’s all scripted but oh well. Twilight is LIFE CHANGING. (: You’ll see.

  • I never thought of vampires as down to earth. Honestly, I thought that the film was a comedy. Plus you didn’t let me see the kissing scene.

  • vera (No) says:

    I am one of the movie fans of twilight too. Seeing a lot of love television programs and movies,I find a very stange rule. It is precisely because the barriers created special love.There is no- bridge gap between the human and the cold one .Maybe every girl longs for that special love ,special boy friend and the special romance.But in my mind ,I prefer to read the books .The language of the books is nice.Of course,the movie also a feast for my eyes.

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