Toronto Day Whatever – Reunited With Kimchi

I thought that I had lost the ability to have a lie in. It turns out that I was acutally suffering from jet lag and I’m now happily over-sleeping everyday. The torrential rains followed me from Britain and Toronto is experiencing its worse summer for years.

Last Thursday, I made a trip to downtown Toronto. Navigation is very easy around Toronto since the roads form a grid pattern and run parallel with each other. Unfortunately, the city is designed for cars and the subway system only has a few lines. Makes you appreciate London’s go-everywhere smelly subway.

Last Saturday, all holiday objectives were successfully achieved as I had Korean food with my sister and cousin. Kimchi-tastic.

James and Kimchi

James and Kimchi

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  • vera (No) says:

    I do not konw how to express I say it in chinese.读尽万卷书,行尽天涯路,品尽天下美食,广结天下好友,坦然一觉到天亮……人生若能如此,怎快哉二字了得….

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