Caffeine Crusade

I used to have random nights where it would take me hours to fall asleep. A year ago I figured out that it was due to excess caffeine during the day. I stopped drinking coffee / tea / red bull / pro plus (caffeine tablets). I learnt to live with my post-lunch sleepiness by taking placebos.

There are good health reasons to cut down on caffeine. But the most important is not to be a slave of “Big Caffeine”. These heartless corporations will put their stores up in every location. They will use subliminal advertising to make you think that caffeine binges are cool. A culture will be created where caffeine teetotallers are social outcasts.

I overcame these hurdles and my sleep problems solved, except for the random nights of exam stress and/or audit stress (should I use pink files or blue files?) Unfortunately, the result was that I developed ridiculous caffeine insensitivity. Even, de-caffeinated coffee will keep me awake.

Yet, I still love/worship Starbucks. How do you reconcile that with a caffeine intolerance? By buying Starbucks shares and drinking caffeine free Diet Coke.

coke The least-manly drink ever.

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