On The Balance of Probabilities, It’s Possible That I Didn’t Fail

Could I be any more non-committal about how the exams went today?

I realise I’ve been insufferable over the past couple of weeks. I make no apologies.

The exams went OK. There were no major disasters:

  • I woke up on time, ate a good breakfast and made my connections
  • I found a Starbucks nearby and performed my pre-exam ritual of staring into space
  • There were no weird accounting questions on the depreciation policy of Mexican Geese
  • My pre-made lunch didn’t poison me
  • I didn’t have to use my backup calculator or any of my two backup rulers. Disturbingly, I wasn’t the only one who had more than one calculator

I can now read my audit practices book in peace without the pressure of exams.


Except I can’t because the taxation exam is 3 hours away!

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