Running For Steven

Tomorrow, I run a half marathon and I’m running it to raise money for Steven. I can’t do his story full justice here without writing for 24 hours and missing the race. So please go to his website here.


In short, Steven is a Rwandan pastor who is helping out the victims of the genocide and AIDs. He has adopted 20 orphans and has created employment for 250 widows through his tailoring project. He does need your help and money. Email me on admin(at) you wish to donate.

I’m also running to achieve one of those “life goal” things that my life coach keeps going on about. Raising money for Steven is part of my drive for efficiency through multi-tasking. The first 9 miles should be fine. The remaining four miles is unknown territory. I would have trained more, but that was curtailed after a netball/rounders injury at the work’s sports day. I’m walking around the house with an improvised ice-pack strapped to my ankle made from ice cubes and a towel.

The most worrying part is that my running shoes have 12 miles life left in them before their warranty expires. After which Nike is not responsible for loss of limbs.


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