Petty Cash Counts

Friday 16 October has been on my mind for a while. Today was the date of accountancy exam results. Passing meant I could stay in the job for a few more months. Failure meant I would be going back to Scouseland. The other trainees had been nervous all day. We’ve spent countless hours on consolidated accounts and tax computations – no one wanted a retake.

I passed. If you don’t believe me, you can search for my name on the ICAEW website.

I celebrated by performing a petty cash count with my flatmate on his box of change. I initially offered him £10 for the box, which he rejected.

changeThe total came to £86.68 – including 454 hand-counted pennies. I’ve included some bottles of beer in the photo to dispel rumours that accountants were unexciting.

For me, relief trumps happiness. It’s a hard road to become a chartered accountant. The next step for me is to ensure the controls around cashing the money at the bank are working correctly.

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