Little Improvements

I say I live in Greenwich whenever people ask. But I’m technically in a Lewisham postcode and spiritually closer to Deptford. Yes, I do engage in postcode snobbery. Saying I’m from Greenwich makes me 10% cooler. The practice is pretty rife in London, unlike in Liverpool, which is equally great everywhere -  and makes me 100% cooler.

Both Liverpool and Deptford have had a history of deprivation and poverty. Both are trying to shed their bad reputation. Honestly, you won’t get your tyres stolen in Liverpool. Times have changed. Now, your identity, credit cards and wife will be stolen while you are admiring your shinny new tyres. The money will be used to buy Mozart tickets. Capital of Culture 2008.

The news coming out of Deptford is dire (look up “Deptford stabbings”) but I do believe that things can change. The area has been recommended by the New York Times. The East London line extension will be complete soon in June 2010. The most tangible sign of improvement is the opening of a Tesco Metro on Deptford High Street:

tescoTesco will save us! More importantly, it will save me a 20 minute trek into Lewisham.

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