Nottingham Multiple Sclerosis Ball

Last Saturday, I returned to Nottingham for the MS Ball, which was raising money for the local Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre. A chance to dress up, see old university friends and have a good time.

2003_12_02 Christmas Formal_01 This is not a photo of me at the ball. I still don’t own a (useable) camera. This was taken six years ago during a first year university ball. The photo is relevant because I still own the same bow tie.

Ball highlights

  • Friends complaining about being 25. As a 24 year old I wasn’t among those complaining – but a six year old photo does makes you think.
  • Random bidding on rounds of golf from someone who doesn’t own a set of clubs, play and lives 100 miles away from the course.
  • Shouting “lower” on a charity auction is in bad taste (sorry).
  • 1am is past my bedtime.
  • Realising that we have no keys on the way home.
  • Desperately ringing 118 118 for an emergency locksmith.
  • And I quote “I’m sorry, but I’m going to try breaking into out own house before calling you back”
  • Being hoisted into the kitchen extension roof by a guy with a broken wrist in a cast
  • Climbing through the window, disabling the alarm, opening the front door, saving £70. Not priceless, but a welcome prevention of a depletion in net worth.

Stories like this can’t be bought.

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