Website Overhaul

The blog has been overhauled and the changes are not merely aesthetic. I’m going in a new direction, because I’m no longer “far far away from Scouseland”. I’ve been in London for over a year. I no longer feel the culture shock that I wrote about while I was in China, because I do feel at home here. And Liverpool is actually just a two hour train journey away.

new websiteGone are the greens and pinks of the old site. They were from a different era. The new colour scheme of grey-on-grey reflects the recessionary days that we live in. A lot of the content has been updated:

  • Articles – The longer writings
  • Photos – I have a new camera, so expect some better photos in the future
  • Activities – What I do with my time
  • About – Who I am and where my background

What will I write about? I want to tap the under-represented market of London accountants.

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