james My name is James Huang. I’m working as a auditor in London and studying for the ACA (chartered accountant) qualification.

This blog is a comparison of my accumulated experience and my current life. Hopefully I write something worthwhile out of it.

Where I come from


Liverpool Chinatown I was born to Chinese parents in Liverpool, leading to a lifelong confusion/fascination over my British and Chinese identities. The photo is the arch in Liverpool Chinatown.

Merchant TaylorsMerchant Taylors Crosby, where I was educated and learnt the pain of long distance running.


Nottingham UniversityNottingham University, where I learnt about economics, God and the dangers of alcohol and bad Chinese food.

Tianjin, China

Teaching in ChinaAfter I graduated, I moved to Tianjin, China to teach English and learn Chinese. I began my blog in order to talk about my experiences in China and to keep in touch with friends back in the UK.

You can find my China-related posts here


Greenwich viewNow, I live in Greenwich and work in Canary Wharf.