A list of my longer articles:

Should Chinese Students Study Abroad? – I wrote this in 2007 while I was teaching English in China. It emphasised fortunate I was to receive a British education at a relatively cheap price. I still get comments about this article and it is the most visited part of the website.

Benefits in Lent – In Easter 2010 the Greenwich Vineyard church decided to simulate living on benefits money over Lent. Rent, council tax and travelcards were not within the scope but that left just £64.30 a week to spend on food, clothes, utilities, fun and beer. The article tracks my budget and the six weeks of blog posts about my experience.

Habit Change Articles

I’ve always believed in self-improvement. In 2008 I made a big push for effective habit change techniques. The theory is that you need competition and public accountability. Hence, I published my attempts to run more and wake up earlier.

Sleep challenge – The aim was to wake up within 30 seconds of the alarm in the morning. No snoozing allowed. The habit change worked during the challenge but I have since regressed to old habits.

Running challenge – The aim was to be the first to run 100 miles. It was a means to the eventual goal of running a half marathon. On 27 September 2009, the half marathon was run. Success.