Benefits in Lent

Living on Job Seekers Allowance for six weeks. Read about why I’m doing it here.Track how I spent my £63.40 below:

Ground rules

  • Rent and council tax are excluded – because that would be paid for if you are on benefits. It would also wipe out my budget many times over.
  • Travelcards for work is excluded – because you wouldn’t have need for a travelcard if you weren’t working.
  • All other expenses are fair game – water, electricity, television, food, beer and widgets. All of them have to be covered by £63.40 a week.

Blog Posts

The list of weekly blog posts during Benefits in Lent:

Week 1 – Cheating
About how to cheat the system and why this is against the spirit of the experiment.

Week 2Accruals Concept
I already enjoy a stock of wealth and access to free services that the poor don’t enjoy.

Week 3The Joy of Work
The non-monetary benefits of money.

Week 4Time
The compromise between time and money.

Week 5Credit, Savings and Budgets
The benefits of financial instruments.

Week 6Post Balance Sheet Events
Reflects on the end of Benefits in Lent.


  • Pastor Dan’s Blog – He will be writing about his experience here.
  • Budget planner – The budget planner that we used here.