Ryanair are actually quite good

Ryanair is everyone’s most hated budget airline. Bad stories about Ryanair are an easy way to get angry. The Times lists 20 reasons not to fly Ryanair. I had a chance to form my own opinion during my weekend trip to Denmark.


Check in was smooth; Both flights arrived on time; The cabin was clean; I had decent enough legroom; And the plane didn’t suffer any loss of structural components. Rumours about a £1 charge to use the toilet were not true. Although there are plans to have passengers bring their own jet fuel.

Punctuality makes for good holidays but boring blog posts. Publishing bad news is preferable to good. But is it not better to celebrate the good rather than pull things down?

Complaints about Denmark

Amusingly, the Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen had been moved to Shanghai for the World Exhibition. However, I was convinced to go against the propaganda that it was worth seeing. I did not miss it.

In the end, the biggest disappointment was the terrible exchange rate, enough to turn Wagamamas from a cheap meal to a premium experience. Yes, I did travel hundreds of miles to a foreign culture to eat the same food. At least I refrained from my default choice of Chicken Katsu Curry. However, every other aspect was the same: the wooden benches, the menu, the chopsticks. The head waitress even sounded British. I might as well have been in London, except I was surrounded by a few Danes rather than hundreds of Canary Wharf yuppies. 

Ryanair, and Wagamamas, are actually quite good.

Snow Isn’t Fun Anymore

Christmas in Liverpool:

Old sleeping habits – Means staying up way past midnight; sleeping for more than 8 hours; sleeping in and afternoon naps. Bliss. However, I remember a journal a health economics journal which said that over-sleep was worse than sleep-deprivation for life expectancy.

Revision for an accountancy exam in two weeks. Actually, most of the course is self-study, so technically revision has not started yet. The recommended study guide is spread over three days, but assumes that you work for 10 hours a day.

Wii Mario Kart – This is the 4th iteration of Mario Kart that I have played (SNES, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube and Wii). A motion-sensing steering wheel is now the method of control. It takes time to learn how to use it after years of using a standard controller. Funnily enough when I first played Mario Kart on the SNES, I tried to tilt the controller in order to control the kart. (I wasn’t a smart 9 year old). Now technology has caught up with my childish intuition.

More time has been spent on Mario Kart than revision.

old and new

Snow isn’t fun anymore – Returning to Liverpool means I don’t have to use public transport and get to drive everywhere. However, it has been ridiculously cold and the roads have been frozen. Not being able to stop while going at 5mph is terrifying. Driving through snow for 20 miles is horrible. You trudge at 20mph without and sudden movements. You’re not sure if you or the car behind you can stop.

Snow isn’t fun anymore, but snowmen still are:snowmen

Liverpool Christmas

The whole Monday afternoon got wiped out getting home to Liverpool. All due to some small errors:

  • Not leaving enough time to go to the post office and then finding a queue of ten people with only three staff working. This gives a ratio of 3.3. My personal rule is, if the ratio is more than 2 then it is not worth waiting. This rule does not apply at theme parks.
  • I got to New Cross station and found late and cancelled trains. I really should have checked the National Rail website before I set off, but I had got used to the trains being very reliable. However, the combination of a new timetable and icy conditions meant that New Cross station had been like this all week. Ironically, the new timetable increased the frequency of trains.
  • And I should have got a taxi back home. The train was slow and the walk home was covered in ice. Not easy with a suitcase.

Actually, writing about the journey home is an excuse for me to publish a photo which I took today:


While admiring the view, I asked the question: who got my work Secret Santa gift?

betting slip 

A bet for Liverpool to win the FA Cup AND for England to win the World Cup. I should be £125 richer at the end of July. As a clue, the accompanying card reads: “Miracles do happen at Christmas”.