I’m not bitter – honest

The term is now in full swing and the period of mourning for my camera is over. Actually, I don’t care so much for the camera; in the sense of realising that life goes on and there are bigger things than losing an earthly possession.

However, it does degrade the quality of my blogs because I can’t show the more interesting aspects of life in China. If pictures paint a thousand words, then my blog posts will be longer and I will have to concentrate on crafting my words.

<<Insert picture of boy getting over loss of camera.>>

Agghhhh I’ve lost my camera (again)

My camera has been lost / been stolen / been eaten my a curious panda / willed itself out of existence / lying in my flat somewhere (small vain hope remains).

I have now lost 2 cameras in the space of 9 months. I am now going to enter a long philosophical observation by saying I can’t be bothered. I don’t feel like it.