Fleeing from Britain

It was more like a casual walk onto the plane, which had a dire lack of entertainment. But I occupied myself with reading, sleeping and balancing my accounts for the year 2007. All that I could conclude was a lot a money was spent at McDonalds.

I was privileged to have my flatmate organise a birthday party for me at Starbucks upon my return (a lot of money was also spent there in 2007). Despite the horrific jet-lag, it was much better than my actual birthday spent in hospital.

The jet lag remains but now I am back to the teaching routine. My Chinese is really rusty and my teacher is going to be disappointed when she finds out I have done no work in the past month.

McDonald’s – Eat, work and play

This evening I spent time in McDonald’s doing my Chinese homework. There are too many distractions at home, such as my laptop, guitar and bed for sleeping. So when I need time to really concentrate, I go to McDonald’s.

Working in McDOonald’s

Back in Britain, McDonald’s is a last-resort for quick nutrition but in China it is somewhat of a luxury because it is expensive compared to native Chinese food. McDonald’s is the restaurant for the aspirational middle classes.

McDonald’s makes me feel like I am back at home. Except for the menu I can’t understand and the hoards of Chinese. The staff now knows to hand me the picture menu when they see me. It’s a nice place to sit down after a long day. I am a fan of the Swedish-style furniture, wood-panelled walls and the colour-scheme that is made up of 4 shades of brown. The staff are very helpful and you are not expected to clear your own rubbish. I still do so out of habit and they awkwardly try and take it out of my hands before I get to the bin.

McDonald’s - the epitome of designing with wood

I come here to work, to have a chat with my friends over a coffee and to eat double-cheeseburgers. Yes, I do need my fix of processed beef and cheese.