Toronto Day 9 – One Less Fish In The Sea

I’ve progressed to the hard level on Rock Band. I love having all this free time.

In an attempt to understand my teenage cousins better, I watched the movie “Twilight” with them yesterday. It’s the typical generic romance between the awkward new girl in town and immortal vampire with pale skin. I don’t recommend it and I don’t understand my cousins any better. Fortunately, Rock Band bridges the generation gap.

I used my man-skills to catch a fish. Yes, I did cheat by going to a pre-stocked pond and paying the $5 entrance fee. The man-skill is knowing when to cheat.



Toronto Day 4 – Rock Band and Running

A good holiday. I’m away from the sweat of the London Underground. I don’t have to check my email every 10 minutes, mostly because I’m not connected to the internet all the time. I get to indulge in blogging and Starbucks. I can have a lie in if I choose to, but I can’t because my body has forgotten how to. Eight hours and I’m straight out of bed. Damn you work.

I’ve not ventured beyond:

  • My uncle’s house, where I sleep and get my meals cooked
  • The mall, where I bought Rock Band for the Wii
  • My cousin’s house, for whom I bought Rock Band and where the Wii is located
  • The (other) mall, where I write about how amazing Rock Band is and how I play it for hours every day

I did venture out of the house to go for a run yesterday. I thought that running at 3pm in 25+ degree heat and high humidity would be a good way to train for the half-marathon. I should have played Rock Band instead.